Falken's Maze: An 80s Guide to History

Spooktober 2019 (Part 1 of 3)

Episode Summary

In this episode, we explore ouija boards, their history, and the possibility that they may open a portal to the beyond. We also wonder at the seeming immortality of David Coverdale.

Episode Notes

In Falken's Maze, technologist and former professor Jason Thomas explores the intersection of technology, history, and culture. Created for listeners nostalgic for the 80s but who also want to understand the complexities of today, our show demystifies the world's most compelling technologies and events through 80's movies, music, and television.

This is where history, tech, and retro pop collide.

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  1. Here I Go Again (1982) by Whitesnake
  2. Witchboard Plot Summary (IMDB)
  3. Witchboard Trailer
  4. 17 Ouija Board Horror Stories That'll Literally Scare The Shit Out Of You (Buzzfeed)
  5. The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board (Smithsonian Magazine)
  6. Ouija Board Advertisement (Pittsburg dispatch, February 01, 1891, SECOND PART, Page 12, Image 12)
  7. Ouija Board Patent (1891)
  8. How the Ouija board really moves (BBC)