Falken's Maze: An 80s Guide to History

The Enemy Knows the System (Part 4 of 5)

Episode Summary

Pull out your old cassettes and 8-tracks as we explore analog vs. digital signals and the development of packet-switched networks. It's all starting to come together now. You'll be a bona fide computing history expert at the end of this series!!

Episode Notes

In Falken's Maze, technologist and former professor Jason Thomas explores the intersection of technology, history, and culture. Created for listeners nostalgic for the 80s but who also want to understand the complexities of today, our show demystifies the world's most compelling technologies and events through 80's movies, music, and television.

This is where history, tech, and retro pop collide.

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  1. Enemy Mine Trailer
  2. Paul Baran and the Origins of the Internet (Rand Corporation)
  3. Founding Father (Wired Magazine)